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Getting Around The City

Times Square Subway Station

With everything there is to do in New York City, it’s important to know the best way to get around town. With one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world, the NYC subway is by far the best way to plan a trip and not to mention the cheapest. If you’re from out of town, the subways can be quite overwhelming, but here are a few pointers that will have you riding the subways like a native New Yorker!

Subways serve most of Manhattan and the outer boroughs so anywhere you want to go, there is a subway line that will take you there (map). Just purchase a Metrocard from any subway station and off you go!

There are many options when buying a Metrocard. A single ride (one-way) will run you $2.25 but if you plan on spending a full day traveling to multiple areas of the city, definitely purchase the “One Day Fun Pass”. It will allow you to ride the train for a complete 24 hours all for $8.25. Click here for a list of all fare options and pricing.

One of the greatest things about NYC subways is that they run at anytime during the day or night. Subways typically run every 2-5 minutes during rush hour, every 5-15 minutes during the day and approximately every 20 minutes from midnight until 5 a.m.

Now that you have the facts, here are some tips to riding the train!

Know Where Your Going
To get you from one place to another, a good resource is HopStop. This website allows you put in your start and end destination and will give you detailed subway directions.

Finding  a Subway Station
Typically stations are located on street corners. Stations marked with a large green ball means that you can buy a MetroCard inside; if a station is marked with a red ball, you need to already have a MetroCard to enter.

Look at the signs BEFORE you swipe
At many Subway stations, there are separate entrances for trains running uptown and downtown. Once you swipe your card, you can’t get a refund, so be sure to check the sign to make sure you’re swiping your card at the right entrance.

Hold On Tight
If you don’t get a seat, make sure you find a pole to hold when the train begins to move. It can get a bit unsteady when starting and stopping and if you’re not hanging on, you could take a fall.

Don’t Lean on the Poles
This is personally a pet peeve of mine (and many New Yorkers). Just because you’re tired, it doesn’t mean it’s alright to lean up against a pole in the subway car. When someone leans on the poles, it makes it difficult for other folks to hold on and, well, its just inconsiderate.

Keep Your Bags (and Your Feet) Off the Seats
Would you put your feet on your seat at home? Probably not. The subways can fill up fast, so keep your feet and other belongings on your lap or on the floor between your feet so that other riders can take a seat.

 Don’t Block the Doors
When trains are crowded, it is important to move to the center of the subway car to make room for other riders. Standing by the door even if you move to the side makes it difficult for people getting on and off the train.

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Calling all Shopaholics

 Macy's New York

New York City is the absolute mecca for shopaholics. We’ve got everything from Saks Fifth Ave to discount shops like Century 21 to the smaller eclectic boutiques of downtown. I’ll admit that I have done my share of spending around this city, so I do have some insight on the best of the best when it comes to shopping.

Department Stores. There are some pretty amazing (and overwhelming) department stores in NYC. There’s Barney’s New York , Bloomingdale’s, Henri Bendel , Saks Fifth Avenue and of course, Macy’s. If your looking for discounts, head to one of my favorites, Century 21. It offers a great selection of designers at discounted prices. Just be aware that it takes some fishing to go through the abundance of stock. If you’re on vacation, it can be a daunting task to attempt to hit all of these. Macy’s alone has 10 floors and can take a whole day to conquer! I suggest picking one or two of these department stores that you want to visit because you’ll want to save some time for these other great shopping adventures…

For the kiddos. Definitely check out Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square (equipped with a ferris wheel inside) or FAO Schwarz o Fifth Avenue at 58th St. Believe me, they will love you for it.

Bookworms. You must go to Strand Book Store located at the corner of 12th Street and Broadway. With an endless selection of books, you could easily spend hours here. Be sure to stop at the $1 racks outside. Every once in a while you find a real gem.

Bling. Ladies, if you are coming to New York to shop, there is no way that you can miss stopping at Tiffany & Co. Located right on Fifth Avenue (just blocks from The Roosevelt Hotel), Tiffany’s is the place to find some of the most beautiful jewelry. I always make my way up to the second floor to look at the diamonds. Not everyone can afford to be there, but a girl can dream, right?

Sample Sales. Through every season there are a multitude of sample sales around the city. These can be a wonderful resource to get designer goods at a tremendous discount. I recommend getting to these sales very early because there are usually a limited amount of stock and a very high demand. Check out this list of some of the sample sales coming up.

If you’re looking for a more eclectic, boutique type shopping, then you need to spend a day in the neighborhoods of Soho and Greenwich Village. Up and down the streets in these neighborhoods, you will find everything from antique shops to clothing to accessories.

No matter how you look at it New York City is a shoppers paradise. You are now prepared to pack your bags, grab your wallet and hit the streets of the Big Apple.

What’s your favorite place to shop in New York City?

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What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend?


Let the summer begin! We haven’t had much of a spring this year (it’s been pretty cold the past few weeks) but here we are at the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day Weekend.

There is a ton to do over this long weekend in the Big Apple and since it looks like the weather will be nice for the long weekend, why not start out by having a little picnic in one of the city’s gorgeous parks. There’s always room at The Great Lawn in Central Park or if you’re more like a beach person, check out this list of the city’s best public beaches.

Take a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend in honor of its 125th anniversary. There are a variety of festivities throughout the weekend, starting tonight with the lighting ceremony and Grucci firework show tonight at 9:00pm.
If you’re staying at The Roosevelt Hotel, then you’ll be just blocks from the Times Square Fair this Sunday. Streets will be closed on 7th Avenue between 47th and 57th Streets and filled with good food, performers, and shopping. There’s also the Lower Third Avenue Spring Festival in the East Village (Third Avenue from 5th to 14th St) and the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit (University Place from E 12th through Bobkin Place).

It’s still Fleet Week, so you may want to take the weekend to go over to New York Harbor or stop at the Intrepid Sea, Space & Air Museum. There are also quite a few parades around town on Monday like the Manhattan Memorial Day at Broadway & Dyckman from 1-2pm on Monday.

So much to do!! Yesterday, I posted that going to Coney Island is my favorite thing to do on Memorial Day Weekend. What’s yours??

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Hospitality Award of Excellence


Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow. ~Vince Lombardi

It’s not often that people get to come to work every day and be inspired. With my job here at The Roosevelt Hotel, I have the privilege to work under a leader whose creative intuition, dedication and hard work are an inspiration to me every day. For the past 10 years, his extensive knowledge of marketing strategies and innovative ideas have kept The Roosevelt Hotel and its outlets, including mad46, in the public eye.

That’s why, the staff here at The Roosevelt Hotel is proud to announce that Kevin Croke, Director of Sales and Marketing, has been honored with the Hospitality Award of Excellence as Sales and Marketing Executive of the Year by The Greater New York Chapter of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI).

This recognition is for his outstanding work and dedication in the sales and marketing profession and is given to those individuals that have made significant contributions to the tourism industry in New York City.

Congratulations Kevin!

Click here for full a full list of the award winners…

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