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Snow Safety in the City

It may not feel like it know but we all know, “Winter is coming”. The concrete and pavement jungle of the city creates unique challenges during the harsh winter season. Cold temperatures and severe weather can cause both sidewalks and the roads to become slick and dangerous leading to an increased risk of injury to yourself and others. When visiting New York City in the winter, it’s important to prepare for the cold season and know what you can do to enjoy your time in the city injury free.

After a fresh snowfall, sidewalks and roads will become more dangerous and slick. Take your time when getting around and watch for areas of the sidewalk that may have resisted a salt treatment and remained icy. Businesses around the city will try to clear their sidewalks the best they can after snowfall, so watch for the areas that have already been treated and try to walk there. Crossing the street is also more dangerous as slick roads will increase the time oncoming traffic requires to stop. Be more cautious than normal when crossing streets and always stick to the crosswalks.

If you are driving around the city, be aware of pedestrians and watch out for portions of the road that may still be slick even after plowing. Shady areas and bridges are most likely to still be icy and should be approached cautiously. While driving avoid passing a snowplow unless absolutely necessary, and try not to park on streets or on corners as parked cars make it more difficult for the plows to do their job.

When the snow is heavy, take a chance to enjoy a snow day and experience everything The Roosevelt has to offer. From fine dining to a wide array of shops, there’s nothing you can’t do from the comfort of our grand hotel. This winter make your trip to New York City a safe one, and don’t let a little snow get in the way of seeing all that our wonderful city has to offer.

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