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St. Patrick’s Day at The Roosevelt Hotel

Check out the bagpipers in our lobby from past years!

Not going to lie, the best place to be on St. Patrick’s Day is right here at The Roosevelt Hotel. Not only are we located smack in the middle of all the parade excitement, but we will even have the Rockland County AOH Edward V. Larkin Memorial Pipe Band play right in our lobby at 12:00pm and 1:00pm on March 17th!

The best viewing spot? Well, the Madison Club Lounge of course. Stop in a little early and grab one of the specialty cocktails being offered by Bailey’s and Bushmills.

After the performance be sure to stop down to Vander Bar on 45th Street and Vanderbilt, right outside the hotel. If you haven’t heard, Vander Bar is the hotel’s newest masterpiece and it’s a great place to grab a drink, hang out and watch all the excitement on the streets! (TIP: Be one of the first 100 people to come to Vander Bar and get a FREE T-Shirt!)

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Kelli Crean
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The Bull Moose cocktail was created in honor of our hotel’s namesake and former President of the United States, Mr. Teddy Roosevelt.  Teddy was rumored to be a coffee fanatic and drink over a gallon of coffee a day!

In his honor we have created the BULL MOOSE COCKTAIL featuring 1 oz of Patron XO Café mixed with 1 ½ oz of Patron Tequila. This mixture is shaken and served on the rocks with a Twist of Lemon. But why the name “ BULL MOOSE” you ask? You can thank politics for that! Back in 1912 the Progressive Party was created by a split in the Republican Party in the presidential election. It was formed by none other than Theodore Roosevelt when he lost the Republican nomination to President William Howard Taft and pulled his delegates from the convention. This party is colloquially known as the BULL MOOSE PARTY, named for the party’s emblem and after Roosevelt boasted that he was “as strong as a Bull Moose”


1 oz Patron XO Café
1 ½ oz Patron

Garnished with a Twist of Lemon and served on the Rocks

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Kate Girotti
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Vander Bar: “Pouring Soon”

Vander Bar

As you can see we are in full swing of construction of our new watering hole, Vander Bar! We began the construction work earlier this month, and we have made some great progress so far, and we expect to have everything completed and ready to open by early April!

Our Food and Beverage team is hard at work on completing our drink menu, which will include some fun and creative signature drinks, along with a nice selection of draft beer and wines. Vander Bar will have a light food menu as well, so that everyone who needs to grab a quick appetizer can do so before they catch their train, head home or before they go to mad46 for one last madMojito!

As you can see by the picture above, we still have lots of work to do, but we’re getting there, you can now see the actual bar coming into focus in the picture above. The bar will be 26 feet long with a granite top and it will have enough seating for 18 people. Additionally, we will install 2 large flat screen TVs at either end of the bar so that our customers can watch sports, news, or the latest entertainment gossip! Last week we picked out the furniture for Vander Bar, everything from bar stools, to tables and chairs, our lighting has been chosen and we have decided on the color schemes for the walls as well. One of our best features will be our windows. We are installing retractable windows in the entire space, this means all of our windows which will be 5ft x 11ft each, will open up, and this will provide our customers with a great outdoor feel without actually having to stand outside, unless they go for a smoke or two!

Vander Bar is going to be a great casual meeting place for the neighborhood, it will provide a relaxed atmosphere that will certainly be a great alternative to the many bars in the area. We will continue to provide you updates on our construction progress, and provide you more information about Vander Bar once we get closer to the completion of it. In the interim, please visit our webpage at www.VanderBar.comfor further information and updates or joinm us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Kevin Croke

Director of Sales and Marketing

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Introducing Vander Bar

Vander Bar

When we first made the decision to convert some empty retail space on the corner of Vanderbilt and 45th street into a new bar, we talked about what the name should be, and as usual it was left up to the marketing guy to come up with something creative, and original. You see, I was the one that came up with the name mad46 for our rooftop lounge, and based on the huge success of our rooftop lounge, the task of coming up with another name for our new corner bar was bestowed upon me once again.

This time around I decided to come up with a different approach, something that could involve our customers, our social networking friends and any and all people that would be interested in helping us come up with a new name for the bar. What started out as just a simple idea, took off and turned into a fun and interactive initiative, that created a fun buzz on our social sites, and within the local media. Back in November we launched the “Name our Bar” contest, where we asked for any and all people within the United States, to submit their suggestions on what to name our new bar. What was the prize you ask? Well aside from bragging rights that one could use in naming a bar in New York City, it also would come with some great prizes that ranged from a 2 night stay in a suite, tickets to a broadway show and an invite to our opening party. But the real cool part is that the winner would have their named etched on the back of one of our bar stools, which would signify them always having a reserved seat in the new bar!

The initial wave of entries slowly trickled in, 10 here, 20 there, and then all of a sudden we were getting hundreds upon hundreds of entries from east coast to west coast. Since the rules for the contest only allowed entries from the United States, we received calls from all over the world from people wanting to enter, or just merely sending in their suggestions, it turned out to be more than we expected with over 1,500 entries when we closed the contest.

We received everything from the obvious to the not so obvious, names like “Jiu Ba”, “Affairs”, “ Alecoholics”, and “Eleanors” (which would be connected to the “other” President Roosevelt). But in the end, the staff and management of the hotel were given a variety of names that we felt were the best of the best for originality, marketability and creativity, and in the end we chose Vander Bar! The name has a nice ring to it, the name provides a connection to its location on Vanderbilt Avenue, and it is certainly original! There were 5 lucky winners that submitted this name, and they are all thrilled to be able to have the official bragging rights of naming what will become one of the best local bars in midtown Manhattan. We congratulate and thank our winners and all who took the time to enter.

Everyone will have their own opinions on the name, and those who were not chosen who feel that their name was better, we applaud them and encourage them to come visit Vander Bar when we open up this Spring. After all, in the end what matters most is that the new bar will be a great gathering place for friends and colleagues to meet up after to work or on their way to their train or subway, and Vander Bar will provide everyone with a fun and casual place to do just that!

We look forward to seeing you all at Vander Bar this Spring!  Stay tuned for updates on our renovation and official opening date by becoming a fan of our Vander Bar Facebook page or by following us on Twitter @VanderBarNYC and checking back here on

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Kevin Croke
Director of Sales & Marketing

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