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St. Patrick’s Day at The Roosevelt

St. Patrick’s Day is a week-long event when you celebrate at The Roosevelt. Let your Irish spirit show all week with dedicated events, drinks, and meals at the Vander Bar and Madison Club Lounge and turn this St. Patrick’s Day into one you’ll never forget.

Tuesday – March 15th

Start your St. Patrick’s celebration off right with a Jameson tasting in the Madison Club Lounge from 5:30-7:30pm. Featuring an array of Jameson products like Jameson Black Barrel and Jameson Caskmates as well as some delicious mixers, this tasting is sure to get your tongue in the holiday spirit and liven up the start of your week. After the tasting, make sure to stop by the Vander Bar for Taco Tuesday, featuring a delicious duck confit taco with roast poblano salsa, and a little more Jameson. If Jameson isn’t your drink of choice, pair your taco with a special margarita during our regular Tequila Tuesday special, or taste our featured Avión Paloma tequila mix featuring grapefruit juice, lime, and club soda.

Wednesday – March 16th

Delve deep into the Irish spirit on Wednesday with a Guinness at the Vander Bar and receive a personalized engraved Guinness glass. Available for the first 48 guests, show your love of all things St. Patricks Day with a personalized glass from one of the world’s most famous breweries. Also be sure to check out the sandwich of the week, featuring buttermilk fried chicken and a barbecue ranch dressing.

Thursday – March 17th

Kick off the St. Patrick’s Day celebration early at the Roosevelt at either the Vander Bar or Madison Club Lounge, both opening at 10am. Irish fare will be served all day at both venues alongside drink specials at the Vander Bar and Guiness and Jameson specials at the Madison Club Lounge. To truly get you in the green spirit, live bag piper performances by the Rockland County AOH Edward .V. Larkin Memorial Pipe Band will be held at 11:30 and 1pm in the Roosevelt Hotel Lobby as well as an additional performance at the Vander bar at 12:15pm. Feel the power of the pipes and let yourself become the next lord of the dance.

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No matter how you plan to spend your St. Patrick’s Day, the Roosevelt is the perfect place to start and end your celebration. Keep your celebration going through the weekend with delicious meals and drinks from both the Vander Bar and the Madison Club Lounge as you let your Irish side run free. Stop by once, or stay all week, but no matter what you do, don’t miss celebrating this festive holiday with the best in Manhattan.

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Employee Appreciation Day

The Roosevelt Hotel has been a staple of the New York hotel scene now for over 90 years. In that time we’ve seen history in the making and hosted some of the most famous guests to visit the city in almost a century. While we’re proud of our history and our hard work, we’d be nowhere today without the hard work and dedication of all of our employees.

Today is Employee Appreciation Day, and while we honor our employees year long, it’s especially important today to thank each and every one of them for helping to make The Roosevelt the hotel it is today. Through their incredible knowledge of the hotel and the city, and their unending desire to provide the most accommodating hospitality possible, our staff has created and maintained an atmosphere and experience at The Roosevelt that is unmatched anywhere else in the city. Whether it’s preparing the perfect room, mixing up a cocktail, serving a delicious dinner, or simply sharing some of the city’s greatest secrets, our staff is always there to make every guests trip a unique and memorable experience.

Whether you’re visiting today or later, make sure to thank the Roosevelt staff for all of their hard work. Because without them, The Roosevelt wouldn’t be nearly the hotel it is today.

From all of us at The Roosevelt, happy Employee Appreciation Day! We hope you feel as honored as we do to be part of such a lasting New York tradition.

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Presidents at the Roosevelt

When you stay at The Roosevelt, you stay in the same rooms shared by legendary figures of the past. With Presidents’ Day on the horizon, The Roosevelt would like to honor some of its more distinguished guests who helped shape the country we know today.

Although Teddy Roosevelt, the hotel’s namesake, passed away five years before the hotel officially opened, his ghost has visited the hotel many times. Frequently arriving with a spectral entourage of rough riders, the 26th president is known to wander the halls and greet guests, thanking them for staying at “his” hotel.

During his time in office, 31st president Herbert Hoover spent a little over a month at The Roosevelt, during which time he completed work on his finest invention, the Hoover vacuum cleaner. Originally equipped with a gas-powered engine, this piece of machinery was developed in order to assist hotel personnel in their cleaning duties by allowing them to clean the hotel’s immense amount of carpeting more quickly and efficiently.

Following up his wartime fame, 34th president Dwight D. Eisenhower brought with him to the hotel one of its most unusual guests. Eisenhower’s pet duck Marbles was known to travel with him everywhere and when he visited the hotel, it was expressly requested that Marbles be given not only his own room, but one of The Roosevelt’s 52 luxurious suites all to himself. During their entire stay, Marbles’ room displayed the “Do Not Disturb” sign and, when the president left, Roosevelt staff were surprised to find the room clean and practically untouched save for a lone feather left on the pillow of the duck’s bed. This feather is now displayed prominently in the main lobby.

A lot of history has taken place at The Roosevelt since its opening in 1924. And while every story you hear may not be completely true, this Presidents’ Day enjoy a trip to New York and a stay at The Roosevelt to discover the truth and history behind this majestic hotel.

*FYI the above are 99% blatant lies, hope you enjoyed!
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Movies at The Roosevelt

Great films require great characters, compelling stories, a fantastic score, and an impactful setting. These aspects all come together to transport the viewer into the world of the film and give them the sense that they have become a part of the story. While inferior quality in any of these areas can result in the viewer losing the suspension of disbelief, the setting of the film is perhaps one of the most important factors to keeping a viewer engaged. A proper setting creates the world of the film and holds together the story as it unfolds in its fictional landscape.

When looking for great settings in New York city, a few popular tourist attractions come to mind, but perhaps one of the most compelling is The Roosevelt Hotel. With a rich history and architecture, The Roosevelt has appeared in countless New York films and even starred prominently in some like Maid in Manhattan as the hotel in which Jennifer Lopez’s character is employed. During the 1987 film Wall Street , The Roosevelt’s Grand Ballroom becomes the stage for Gordon Gekko’s powerful “Greed is Good” speech, which helped earn Michael Douglas an academy award for his amazing performance.

Even in modern film, The Roosevelt continues to be a commanding presence on the screen, making cameos in films like Men in Black 3 and The Dictator, where the hotel’s lobby was featured as the hotel Sacha Baron Cohen’s character stayed at during his visit to New York City. In the recent film Man on a Ledge, The Roosevelt’s ledges were the location where Sam Worthington stood 200 feet above the ground below in order to help further the movie’s plot.

No matter the era, a setting as powerful as The Roosevelt continues to draw attention and respect from filmmakers and viewers alike as it graces the silver screen time and time again. From classic movies like The French Connection, The Boiler Room, Quiz Show, Presumed Innocent, Monday Night Mayhem, Hanky Panky, The Hoax, and 1408 to modern favorites like Malcolm X, The Roosevelt will continue to be a driving force in the setting of cinema.

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The Roosevelt Goes Mobile!

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your stay at The Roosevelt, try out our newly overhauled mobile app.

IMG_9495 (2)Fully redesigned to incorporate the exquisite style you expect and loaded with new features, the mobile app is the perfect companion to your New York visit. Book your room directly from your phone with the mobile booking engine, and enjoy all of the benefits that come along with our free Wi-Fi offer. During your stay you can contact the concierge team from the app at any time to inquire about local attractions or request 1

When it’s time to go, you can even check into your flight directly from the app. Check out the new features and see how The Roosevelt mobile app can improve your stay!

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