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Get your lunch in a NY Minute!

Madison Club Lounge Sliders!

With all there is to do in New York, sometimes you just want to grab a quick a lunch and get back to your day.   The Madison Club Lounge gets that and is now offering the Madison Express Lunch menu.  Get your lunch in 30 minutes or you get 50% off your check!  Not a bad deal. 

For visitors and New Yorkers always on the go, check out the Madison Club Lounge in the lobby of The Roosevelt Hotel at Madison Avenue and 45th Street!

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The Kitchen Know: How to make our Madison Club Lounge Sliders

Madison Club Lounge Sliders
Recipe makes 3 Sliders

Ground Beef
Mini Brioche Rolls
Boursin Cheese
Plum Tomato
Pickled Pearl Onions
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
Small Skewers

Divide Ground Beef in to 3 individual 2 oz balls to form burgers.
Season with salt and pepper and brush with Olive Oil.
Place on a hot grill for about 3 minutes on each side.
Cut Brioche rolls in half and place on grill for about 30 seconds.
Remove burgers from grill and top with Boursin Cheese.
Place burger on the bun, season tomato slice with salt and pepper and place on top of burger.
Cover with the top of the bun. Skewer gherkins and pearl onion and use as a garnish for the burger.

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Meet Chef Rupert: Executve Chef at The Roosevelt Hotel

Executive Chef, Rupert Leitner has more than 25 years of experience in the culinary field. As Executive Chef at The Roosevelt Hotel, Chef Rupert has elevated the level of fine dining at the historic 84-year-old landmark.

With early inspiration from his grandmother and mother, he graduated from culinary school in Villach, Austria and began his culinary career in Europe traveling to Switzerland, France and Sweden. In 1982, Leitner moved to the U.S. where he started as a cook at the New York Hilton and was promoted to Executive Sous Chef. He became the Executive Chef at the Secaucus Hilton in New Jersey, following his time at the New York Hilton, and went on to become the Executive Chef at St. Moritz Hotel on Central Park South in N.Y. In 1997, he was hired as Executive Chef at The Roosevelt Hotel, refining further the delicious dining experience at the hotel

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