5 Reasons Why Mad46 is the Best

Anyone who has ever spent a warm night at a rooftop bar can tell you, there’s nothing better! Cold drinks, warm breezes and crazy views make rooftop hangouts a favorite in NYC. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think the rooftop at Mad46 is your ultimate destination.

  1. The View – When you spend all day exploring the city at street level, you can lose sight of the true beauty of the skyline. ¬†However, once you hit the roof, you can’t deny how spectacular the city truly looks from up high.
  2. The Entertainment – Whether it’s a live band or the annual Derby Party or you’re just hanging out enjoying the sounds coming from the DJ booth, Mad46 is never short on entertainment!
  3. The Drinks – Craft cocktails and your old favorites are always on tap at Mad46. Nothing compliments the skyline like an ice cold cocktail.
  4. The Eats – Fresh ingredients, fresh flavors and built for sharing make our Mad Menu the perfect complement to your night under the open sky.
  5. The People – Mad would be nothing without our amazing staff and, of course, all of our regulars and new friends we get to enjoy every night!

We hope to meet you on top!

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