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Open House New York 2016

The big city is getting a little bigger with the start of Open House New York, a special weekend where some of the cities greatest landmarks and normally closed off portions of the city are opened up for tours to see some of the most exclusive areas around New York’s busy streets. Discover the secrets that even native New Yorker’s aren’t aware of and dive into the depths of what makes New York city the greatest city in the world.

70 Pine

Sunday, October 16: 12pm – 4pm

Currently the 8th tallest building in New York, this 66-story skyscraper has overseen a three-year renovation transforming it from an office building into residential apartments, a hotel, and retail space. With a landmarked Art Deco lobby, 70 Pine has become one of New York’s most interesting places to visit. Tours will visit the Art Deco lobby and a model apartment.


Saturday, October 15: 10am – 6pm & Sunday, October 16: 10am – 6pm

Transforming a warehouse into a designer space is second nature when it comes to the brilliant team behind A/D/O. This creative hub in North Brooklyn’s Industrial Business Zone contains a world class restaurant, public workspace, prototyping studio, design store, and an in-house accelerator in addition to many professional programs. Created for designers by designers, A/D/O is whirlwind of creative ideas, brought to life under one roof.

Brooklyn Grange

Saturday, October 15: 11am – 4pm

There’s a lot of untapped potential for green spaces in the way of New York rooftops, and Brooklyn Grange is working to make use of all of it. As the leading rooftop farming business in the US, they grow over 50,000 lbs. of organically cultivated produce every year, and they do it all on the rooftops of New York. Come discover how New York’s rooftops are going green and watch the concrete jungle come to life.

Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew

Saturday, October 15: 10am – 4pm & Sunday, October 16: 1pm – 4pm

As the largest Episcopal church building in the Diocese of Long Island, the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew contains some of the most incredible examples of stained glass artwork in the city. Featuring stained glass from Tiffany Studios in New York as well as the Rose window, given to the church in 1890 during its rebuilding, this holy landmark is sure to impress architects and artists alike. Music fans will enjoy the M.P. Mollar organ from 1916 with 61 ranks and 80 stops.

Edgar Allen Poe Cottage

Saturday, October 15: 10am – 4pm & Sunday, October 16: 1pm – 5pm

Far from the melancholy tone of his writing, this rustic cottage in the Bronx is the site where Edgar Allen Poe spent the last years of his life, from 1846 to 1849. During his time in the cottage Poe penned many of his most famous works, including “The Cask of Amontillado.”

Brooklyn Army Terminal

Saturday, October 15: 12pm – 5pm & Sunday, October 16: 12pm – 5pm

With a gothic design reminiscent of dystopian cityscapes, the Brooklyn Army Terminal once served as the largest military supply in the United States. Built in 1918 this facility has slowly been transformed into a modern industrial campus, currently housing more than 100 tenants with 3,600 employees. In addition to a tour of the atrium, dozens of artists will have their studios on display to tour as well.

Lowline Lab

Saturday, October 15: 11am – 5pm & Sunday, October 16: 11am – 5pm

An underground garden is only the beginning of the mission of the people at the Lowline. This community-based organization is making leaps and bounds using solar technology to revitalize and transform areas of the city into reclaimed land, specifically in underground spaces. Visit one of the first underground gardens, kept alive through sunlight that is filtered in through lenses and tubes to create a one of a kind experience in one of the world’s first underground parks.

Sunset Park Material Recovery Factory

Saturday, October 15: 10am – 2pm

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to that bottle or can you threw in the recycling, look no further than the Sunset Park Material Recovery Factory. Housed in a building built from reclaimed steel, this normally closed off facility invites visitors to discover the impact of recycling on the city of New York in a facility designed to impress.

New York State Pavilion

Sunday, October 16: 12pm – 4pm

Part of the 1964 World’s Fair, the New York State Pavilion is most easily recognized for its three observatory towers, featured in the original Men In Black film. Make sure to arrive early to get into the “hard hat” tour of the “Tent of Tomorrow” once praised as being the world’s largest suspension roof.

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