U. S. Open Serving it up at The Roosevelt

Starting today through Sunday September 11th, prepare your best forehand this year during the US Open as the Roosevelt offers you the best seats in the tournament with a little help from Mad 46 and Vander Bar. With designated TVs at Mad 46 during operating hours, make sure you ever miss a single shot of the Open as the greatest Tennis Players in the world compete for the title and glory of victory.

Make every moment of the Open more memorable with a specialty cocktail at both Mad 46 and Vander Bar that’s far better than love. The featured Honey Deuce serves up the best Grey Goose vodka in a unique melon mix that delivers a smash hit every time. If you’re looking for something simpler, pair up with a partner and for a bit of doubles with the featured Two Lands wines sponsored by Jacob’s Creek.

grey goose honey deuce

With the Roosevelt, Mad 46 and Vander Bar, there’s no better place to experience the US Open. Enjoy the best seats in the city and surround yourself with great friends both new and old as you watch the most exciting tennis tournament this side of the pond.

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Navigating NYC Like a Pro

“New York City is a grid.”

While this statement is true, it’s not necessarily the simplest of grids. To help you navigate your way about town like a pro, heed these tips from TimeOut and Mashable.

  1. Odd-numbered streets go west and even-numbered streets go east. Additionally, odd-numbered buildings are on the north side of the street and even-numbered addresses are on the south. (On a north-south street, odd buildings are on the west side, and even ones are on the east.)
  2. The color of a station’s subway tiles can tell you if you’ve missed an express stop. Seriously, there’s a secret code hidden in the city’s subway stations.
  3. The address of a building can tell you what avenues it’s between. For addresses on the the west side, just add the first number of the address (zero if the address is only two numbers) to 5 for the lower cross street. For example, 225 W 37th St. (2+5=7) is between Seventh and Eighth Avenue. For the east side, just subtract 5 from the same number for the highest cross street. So 150 E 18th St (1-5=-4) is between Fourth and Third Avenues.
    • *MIND BLOWN! Many tried and true New Yorkers don’t even know this trick!
  4. Fifth Avenue splits NYC’s streets between east and west. The reason the trick above works is because Fifth Avenue splits the east and west sides of the city. Additionally, addresses change by the hundreds every avenue.
  5. Black dots on the subway map represent local stops and white ones signify express stops. In case you wondered why more trains were always stopping at that white ones.
  6. Use the lampposts in Central Park. Central Park is gigantic and it’s easy to get lost. But there’s one easy trick that will help you get your bearings. Most lampposts have a set of numbers embossed on their base that corresponds to the cross-streets you would be on if the street extended through the park.
  7. In most of Manhattan, the uptown train platform is on the east side of the street and downtown is on the west. Never waste another swipe again.
  8. The major avenues in Manhattan alternate directions. From First Avenue to 11th Avenue, the traffic on every other avenue flows in alternating directions. The exceptions are Third Avenue, which is mixed until 24th Street and then travels north, and Fourth Avenue, which runs north before turning into two-way Park Avenue South.
  9. A handy mnemonic device can help you remember the order of uptown avenues. “You can take a CAB back home it it’s Late PM.” is an easy way to remember that the avenues uptown are Columbus, Amsterdam, Broadway, Lexington, Park and Madison from left-to-right.
  10. Never get on an empty subway car when the rest of the cars are full — it’s empty for a reason.
  11. Once you’re in a yellow or green cab, they cannot turn down the trip.
  12. Don’t plan on taking a cab anywhere between 4-5 p.m. when taxi shifts end. (Some call this the witching hour)

MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Charge your phone – Google Maps is a life saver when you have forgotten everything you learned and just need to find out where the hell you’re going!

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Rio Olympics at The Roosevelt

After four long years, the Olympic torch is making its way to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and, as thousands of athletes from around the world descend on Brazil to compete for the gold, The Roosevelt is preparing to celebrate the games in style. Throughout the duration of the Olympic Games (August 5th-21st), The Roosevelt will be featuring drink specials and viewing of the games at both Vander Bar and Mad46.

Climb to the top of the podium at Mad46 and watch the best of the best compete in each of the indoor rooms, all the while enjoying the gold standard in drink specials from Avuá Cachaça. With specialty themed cocktails like the Caipirinha, Gold Fashioned, and Sunset in Rio, your Olympic viewing party is sure to take a medal winning turn toward unforgettable. And continue to transform your Summer Games with other specials including wines from Wild Horse winery and a myriad of food specials to help you refuel between events.

If you’re looking for something a little more down to earth, check out the Vander bar, where you can enjoy the same delicious drink and food specials in a simple sophisticated venue. Keep up with your favorite athletes on one of many TVs and never miss a moment of all the excitement the 2016 games are sure to bring.

Whether you prefer mad46 or the VanderBar, The Roosevelt is your place to be this August during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. So grab a drink, relax, and keep count of the gold medal count in the company of champions all in one stunning New York location.

avua olympic special

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