Leap Day in NYC

There’s never a dull moment in New York City and, with so much to do, it often feels like there’s simply not enough time. This year, take advantage of your extra 24 hours to experience even more of what the city has to offer. Leap Year only comes once every 4 years, so take advantage of it before time runs out!

While not unique to the big city, Pizza Hut is offering a free one topping personal pan pizza to any carry out customers who can show they were born on Leap Day. Those born on the 29th can also receive a free entrée from a special menu at the Hard Rock Café all over the world. Meanwhile, Krispy Kreme is offering an additional dozen of original glazed donuts for just $2.29 with the purchase of any dozen donuts. Additionally, to help get you through your extra day, Starbucks is offering $29 off any order of over $100.

If you’re looking for something more unique to the city, the final day of the City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival concludes on Leap Day. A different hot chocolate flavor has been featured every day this month and as the month comes to a close one day later than normal, a special hot chocolate party is being held in order to help everyone enjoy one of the most delicious warm beverages ever invented.

Enjoy the warmer weather this Leap Day with a visit to one of New York’s many parks and gardens. The New York Botanical Garden is currently featuring the 14th annual Orchid Show: Orcidelirium, exploring the past searches for orchids and the perilous journeys orchid hunters faced in search of this captivating flower. If flowers alone aren’t enough, visit the Butterfly Conservatory to watch over 500 butterflies from around the world as they fly around their vivarium.

If your Leap Day is feeling a little artless, check out Unorthodox, an art venue featuring over 50 contemporary artists displaying works that fit the venues name perfectly. Artists strive to break the traditions and contemporary ideals of art with their pieces and in doing so create many breathtaking works.

With all that’s happening across the city every day of the year, don’t waste your time this Leap Day. A little extra time is all you need to get closer to completing your list of things to do in New York City.

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