Soup’s On

During the colder months, one of the most popular meals for staying warm is a nice bowl of soup, but with a nearly endless variety of styles and tastes available, it can be hard to find the perfect bowl, especially in the depths of New York City. If you’re looking for the perfect meal to warm you up this winter, check out some of these delicious dishes and slurp up some of the best soup the city has to offer.

Soup Spot

Just as its name suggests, Soup Spot is the perfect place to be if you’re in the mood for a bowl of warm broth. With over 17 different varieties made daily from scratch, this selection of both creative and traditional soups will satisfy even the most discriminate of tastes.

Original Soup Man

True to his name, the Soup Man provides a selection of authentic and inventive soups accompanied by the perfect sides and a hunk of bread in order to not only warm up diners, but also fill them up as well.

La Bonne Soup

While its four soups offer less selection than some of its counterparts, the old saying does go “quality over quantity”, and this midtown bistro excels on the taste front. Their most popular is their French Onions, but the lamb and barley and creamy tomato are also standout successes.

Cozy Soup ‘n Burger

While this 24-hour diner’s soup selection is also on the small side, the soups that they do provide are some of the best in the city. Known for their pea soup, Cozy invites guests to warm up from the inside out as they dine on delicious food in a comfortable setting.

Cabbage Hot Pot at Dirt Candy

If you’re in the mood for a vegetable rich dish, this traditional Chinese inspired dish will warm your soul. Ramen style cabbage and kale dough noodles surrounded by a hearty array of vegetable accoutrements soak in a smoked-cabbage broth to deliver a taste unique to the entirety of the city.

Celery Root Soup at Le Fond

This dairy heavy dish combines the taste of celery root and yellow potatoes with the smooth texture of milk and potatoes to create a velvety broth that is only enhanced by the addition of tangy Greek yogurt, rye croutons, blanched carrots, and deep fried sage.

Italian Ramen at All’onda

Ramen has always been more about the art of innovation than a traditional taste, and this Italian spin on this classic dish shows just how many ways it can be enjoyed. With a mixture of porchetta and shio kombu with house-made noodles in a parmesan dashi broth, this delicious take on a Japanese classic will satisfy multiple cravings in a single meal.

Chapulin Bisque at Black Ant

For the more adventurous, Black Ant offers a spin on the traditional Mexican chapulinsalsa with a bisque that will leave guests hopping for more. Complete with salt dried grasshoppers from Mexico, this hearty soup fortified with sautéed potatoes and apples creates a flavor unique to only one restaurant in all of New York.


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