Tips From The Tonys

Classic cocktails from our bartenders at Madison Club Lounge.

You don’t mess with a classic, unless of course you can improve it, and our bartenders know how to add a new twist to an Old Fashioned.

Tony&TonyDomaine de Canton is a ginger liqueur made in the French Aquataine region. Its unique flavor derives from freshly picked baby ginger, peeled and cut by hand in order to ensure a rich ginger experience. This liqueur is only prepared in small handmade batches so mass quantities are not possible.  First made popular by the French in the colonial Indochine region, Domaine de Canton captures the subtle spiciness indicative of the region’s ginger.

Ginger Old Fashioned

Glass : rocks    Method: muddle/stir

old fash


2 blk cherries

1 orange wedge

.5 oz simple syrup

(muddle all ingredients)

1.5 oz Makers Mark

.5 oz conton ginger

2 dash bitters

Garnish orange slice, black cherry

The Ginger Old Fashioned is a twist on a classic cocktail.

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