Tips for Traveling in NYC

1. Sometimes walking is faster than taking the subway:


It takes on average 1 minute to walk the typical city block and around 3 minutes to walk an avenue block. Use these estimates to determine if it’s worth spending the $2.50 for a subway ride when walking and getting some fresh air may be even quicker!

2. Transit Tricks:


Subway and bus transfers are always free, unless you pay with coins – then subway to bus transfers have to be paid for again upon transferring.

If you are making more than 2 one-way trips on the subway, at least 5 days a week a weekly or monthly unlimited Metro Card makes the most sense for you.

The middle cars of the subway are always the most crowded. Try walking to either the front or rear most cars and you may have a much more spacious ride.

3. Taxi Cab Obligations:


Despite what a cab driver might tell you, taxis are obligated to take customers to destinations in all of the 5 boroughs or one of the major area airports. As long as you pay the fare and tolls, you don’t have to take no for an answer!

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