Tips & Best Practices for Corporate Meetings:

Think generational:

Terrace Ballroom, The Roosevelt Hotel

Never before have there been so many generations in the workforce at the same time. When planning a meeting be sure to consider the ages of all attendees; ensure that meeting activities, strategies and communication are appropriate and meaningful to all generations present. Diversify your presentation methods; try using audio visual materials and in combination with lecturing and asking questions to attendees to maintain engagement and interest.

Properly organize the physical environment:

The meeting space setup is especially important to ensure attendees are able to remain focused and attentive. Consider the number of people and nature of the meeting when deciding on the setup of the space.  Having enough tables and chairs for all attendees is essential and it is always recommended that no one sits behind, or to the side of the presenters. All meeting materials should be tested to ensure everything can be seen and heard  from the seats in the back of the room.

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