More Ways to Stay Connected

The Grande Dame of Madison Avenue knows social. Always has. Even when social was a rotary telephone and a switchboard operator. Today you’ll find The Roosevelt Hotel on the newest social channels. To top that, we offer lots of ‘perks’ for being a part of our online community. Be sure to check out our Online Community page to connect to all our pages for the hotel, mad46 Rooftop Lounge and Vander Bar.   Here’s just a peek at what’s in it for you!

Some of us wake up and check our Facebook page immediately. Some more casually to keep in touch from time to time. Either way, Facebook has become a wonderful way to stay connected with friends, family and your favorite business. The Roosevelt Hotel has a great community on Facebook which offers tips and insights on what’s going on in the hotel and around the city. Plus, our Facebook friends receive a discounted rate of 10% OFF INCLUDING FREE WIFI and other discounts just for being a part of our community. Connect with us here and ‘like’ our page!

Just like our Facebook page, we love to use Twitter to keep our guests and fans in touch with the happenings around the city and inside the hotel. Following us on Twitter also has it’s perks.  We offer a regular discounted rate for our followers and we’ve even been known to post a $99 rate every now and then.  Exclusive for our followers of course.  We also run really fun competitions and contests to keep things exciting.  Be sure to click over to our Twitter page and ‘follow us’ to stay connected!

We love Foursquare.  Not only is it a great app that lets you tell your friends that you are visiting the greatest city in the world or that you are having cocktails at one of the hottest rooftop lounges in NYC,  mad46, but there are incentives here too!  Check in on Foursquare during your stay at The Roosevelt Hotel get a special offer.  We change it from time to time but offers include Free Wifi during your stay or a Free Cocktail at one of our dining or lounges.  No matter what the offer, it’s our way of saying thanks for staying with us and ‘checking in’.  Click here for a link to our Foursquare page and we’ll see you soon!

Being in one of the highest tourist areas in the world, there is always a lot of news and upcoming trends in travel and tourism.  For us, LinkedIn has become a great network to keep our clients and guests in touch with trends in travel and hotel news.  Keeping it professional and informational, our hotel LinkedIn page is also a great way to participate in our online discussions and forums, contributed to by our sales teams and of course, a wonderful way to see the career opportunities at the hotel!

The Roosevelt is ‘on board’ with Pinterest!  With the ability to categorize and link to our favorite photos, tips and links to happenings and events, it’s a great network to reach our guests.  One of our favorite things to post about on Pinterest are wedding features and trends and lots and lots of dining and food recommendations around the city.  Pin with us here on our Pinterest page!

Photos. Photos. Photos.  Nothing captures our great city like photos.  The Roosevelt uses Instagram to post a ton of wonderful city images, plus exclusive behind the scene images of the hotel and its wonderful associates.  This day in age, it’s all about the visual and we are lucky to have a lot to snap at.  We also love seeing our guests photos. Follow our Instagram page and use the hashtag #rooseveltnyc to get featured on the hotels page.  Whether its a city shot or a photo of our lobby, we love to see and share our guests images!


With so many ways to connect, these are just a few that The Roosevelt Hotel takes part in to share our hotel and city with our communities.  To visit and link to all our social networks, visit and click away!

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