Shared Memories from the former PR Director of the NY Giants

In honor of this weekends Superbowl XLVI with the New York Giants taking on the New England Patriots, the NY Know is excited to have Mr. Ed Croke share a few memories from his time as Director of Public Relations for the New York Giants from 1965 – 1993. Mr. Croke is the father of our very own Director of Sales & Marketing, Kevin Croke, and is considered part of the family here at the Roosevelt Hotel.

A message from Ed Croke:

Having worked as the Public Relations Director of the New York Giants for 28 years, I was also privileged to assist the NFL in the game day operations of the first 28 Super Bowls, two of which my team won the trophy.

The great memories of those games are still fresh in my mind. The very first Super Bowl which was in Los Angeles (1967), wasn’t even a sellout, I sat at a table at a pre-game party and listened to the conversations of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Art Carney as to who would win the game.

In a later game at the Super Bowl in New Orleans, the movie “Black Sunday” was being shot during the pre-game with actor Robert Shaw running through the stands to warn the people of an oncoming blimp that was poised to cause panic in the crowd. Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshire were in the film from their broadcast booth, and saw the oncoming blimp and were wary of the situation, and helped to avert the potential disaster!

At Super Bowl XXV in Tampa, the one my New York Giants were in against the Buffalo Bills. I had the privilege of meeting and talking to a pair of fellow New Jersey stars, Rocker Jon Bon Jovi and Singer Whitney Houston. Houston went on to sing the most memorable National Anthem I’d ever heard, while Bon Jovi madly applauded with the rest of the 75,000 crowd in attendance.

Those memories are still fresh in my mind…..and always will be from the most premium sports event ever, with the enthusiasm, the pageantry, and thrills which are seldom matched. I would also like to proudly mention that the Giants won both of those Super Bowl games they played during my years with the team, 39-20 over Denver, and 20-19 over Buffalo, the wide right game!

So all these years later, I find myself once again getting ready for the big game this Sunday, February 5th and although my years of working at the SuperBowl games are something of the past, I still get as thrilled for the match ups as I did before SuperBowl I. This year the Giants and Patriots will have a go at each other in Indianapolis with the New England Patriots, a slim favorite with a superior record. But that also was the case four seasons ago when the Giants overcame a 14-10 New England lead in the final minute to win 17-14 and handed the Pats their only loss of that season. I will be rooting for my BIG BLUE and will watch along with millions of other fans when the two teams take to the field for what is sure to be an exciting game. As a fan, as well as ex-Giant executive, I relish the coming clash! Both head coaches, Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin, are personal friends from their days as assistant coaches to Bill Parcells, and both had much to do with the success of the Giants in the 1990’s which included a SuperBowl win.

Whatever the outcome, this Super Bowl is sure to be another memorable game… can count on that! LET”S GO GIANTS!

Ed Croke and sons, Kevin and Gary on the the field of the New York Giants!

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Keeping Entertainment Locally: Ferinoosh Khosravi, Our Woman Behind the Movie ‘MAN ON A LEDGE’

When I was asked to help with the entertainment market I had to do my research to see where the filming market stands in NYC; I learned about the networks that are headquartered in New York. I knew some of the most internationally influential production companies located here. The major broadcast networks such as, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, and cable channels such as MTV, HBO and Comedy Central are all in New York. You can confidently say there is always something being filmed in the city every day.  I started to walk the city, from north to south and east to west, going to all the filming locations and ask questions. Meet the scout managers and talk to them about what we have to offer. I believe this is how I started my “Boys Club” LOL! Group of local location managers who walk the city day and night to scout suitable locations.  Every year in the beginning of the year I start calling “my boys” asking what they are working on and what is their schedule for the rest of the year.

When they came to me with the proposal for the movie “Man on a Ledge” I was so hesitant. It was scary and risky. They needed a “Ledge” and we simply did not have one! J but instead we had the best location and possibilities! Since we did not have a ledge, and there was a huge distance between the room and the terrace with the actual ledge, the only option was to build a completely separate room on the setback of our 22nd floor roof. A room that was right on the ledge! I had to consider so many things that can go wrong with this project before I even propose the idea to our executives.

First things first, I had to do my research so I started to call around and see what other venues were saying about this project. Almost all of them said this was a crazy idea, I am out of my mind and there is no way they would let a production company do a construction on their property. Considering me being “different”, “a risk taker” and “outside the box thinker” who believes everything is possible! This was my winning ticket! Therefore, I called them back and invited them for coffee.

We started negotiating in August of 2010 and finally were able to close the deal in October. We had to review everything, the details of the construction, the heaviness of the lumber and materials and its impact on the roof and the weight and size of cameras and camera cranes. We had to calculate the possibility of rain and snow which would have added additional weight to the roof and last but not least we had to consider the possibility of human error and the safety of the gears that were going to hold the cast and crew on the ledge.

Viola! The movable room on a ledge.


We started the project first week of October and it took about a week to put a protective deck on the setback. This was to bring the room to the ledge level of the set back and protect the roof from possible damages. We had hydraulic lift crane positioned on Madison Ave, which lifted set pieces and material to the roof. Another week of positioning and securing platforms, set pieces and safety gears, prep, rig etc…

Our first day of filming was on October 30, 2010. If you were in the city that day you would have seen the ambulances, fire department trucks and police cars, cranes, airbeds, squat team and about 500 extras at the corner of 45th and Madison Avenue. It took almost two and a half months to finish filming. Some of the scenes had to take place over night like the kitchen and lobby scenes. Thinking back, I had so much fun with the cast and crew.  The filming ended around mid January and the cast and crew moved out a week after that.



For the past year and half, we had the pleasure of working not only with the cast and crew of “Man on a Ledge” but also had the pleasure of working on movies like “Men in Black”, “Musical Chair” and “The Dictator” and continuous working with CBS and NBC on to two famous shows “The Goodwife” and the “Law and Order”.

According to the Mayor’s Office of Film, “Theater and Broadcasting New York’s film industry is much smaller than that of Hollywood, but its billions of dollars in revenue makes it an important part of the city’s economy and places it as the second largest center for the film industry in the United States.” Today I can proudly say for the past two years we did our best to contribute to NY City’s entertainment business and keeping things closer to home and local.

Ferinoosh K.



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Roosevelt Guestroom Upgrade Almost Complete!

After months of hard work and excitement, The Roosevelt Hotel New York has made tremendous progress on the multi-million dollar upgrade and redesign program for all its 1,015 guestrooms and suites. With only 222 guestrooms (3 floors) left, we are exciting to announce that we are on target to be completed by February 15th. The next phase of the redesign is to install the new corridor carpets, which will begin next week and is projected to be completed by February 29th.

Our new guestrooms are all complete with new carpeting, furniture, fixtures and décor, designed by Dyami Architecture Inc. While maintaining our legendary heritage in the heart of Midtown, we are proud to offer the finest contemporary amenities with a new modern decor.  It’s a special pleasure to introduce the new artwork that will be in in each room that captures historic images of The Roosevelt Hotel in 1924. Over the recent years we’ve made changes that included new flat screen TVs, wireless internet service wifi and brand new guest beds, so these final touches are truly completing the Roosevelt experience.

Be sure to stay updated on all the upgrade details by following The Roosevelt Hotel on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you stayed in our new guestrooms? We would love to hear your feedback by commenting on this blog!

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

 It’s a known fact that travel to New York City drops off after the holiday season, and yes, it’s a bit cold up here in the Big Apple, but there are many reasons why it’s also the best time of year to take your trip.  First, it’s a money saver.  Both flights and accommodations in the city are less expensive this time of year.  Just check out the deal we are offering here or be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for other exclusives. Once you get here and settle in (and yes, pack some warm clothes and wear layers), there is a ton to do.  Here’s just a few…

Broadway Shows:  Due to less tourism in the city, it is much easier to get good seats to your favorite Broadway Show.  With so many great shows out there, you may want to catch one or two and then follow them up with a great meal you will only find in Times Square. Contact our concierge to arrange a full itinerary or get great deals and rates on your favorite shows by emailing

Shop.  Shop. Shop.: One thing that is fun in any weather is shopping!  The Roosevelt Hotel is located just a few blocks away from NYC’s famous Fifth Avenue with great places like Tiffany & Co., Bergdorf Goodman, FAO Schwartz and so much more.  If you’re not into the high end stores, here is a great list of places all around the city to shop!

Go Ice Skating:  This is kind of a ‘must do’ in NYC and there are lots of places to go for ice skating fun.  Just a few blocks away is the Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center, then of course the famous Wollman Rink in Central Park and the Pond at Bryant Park.  Perfect activity for family, romance or just some friends on vacation!

Eat at NY Restaurant Week: From January 16 – February 10, is NYC&Co Restaurant week which offers affordable prix-fixe deals at some of NYC’s high-end eateries.  Three-course prix-fixe lunch $24.07, prix-fixe dinner $35.  For more details vist

Take in Some Art: Take refuge from the cold and spend the day in any of New Yorks extraordinary museums.  One of our favorites is the American Museum of Natural History (which you could easily spend a day in on its own, but of course you should stop in the Museum of Modern Art and all the others on Museum Mile.

With so much to do in NYC, take a trip in for a few days and enjoy the less crowded streets by day and a comfy bed in the upgraded rooms at The Roosevelt Hotel!

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