Man On A Ledge at The Roosevelt Hotel

We have to admit, we are giddy with excitement about being such a crucial part of this movie. We posted last year about it while it was being filmed right here at The Roosevelt Hotel New York, but now we are finally getting a glimpse of the film to come. Check out the amazing trailer for ‘Man On A Ledge’ starring Sam Worthington.

See that building? Yep, that’s us! We particularly like seeing Kyra Sedgwick reporting from the hotel entrance at 0.43 seconds. It’s always amazing to play a part in the filming industry and we cannot be excited enough about being the ‘ledge’ in this great movie.

And we’re no rookies at movie shoots! The Roosevelt Hotel is proud be have appeared appeared in several major motion pictures over the years, including The Boiler Room, Wall Street, Quiz Show, Presumed Innocent, Malcolm X, Monday Night Mayhem, The French Connection, Hanky Panky, Maid in Manhattan, The Hoax and 1408.

Due out next year, you can be sure that we’ll be in line to see the film. Find out more about this movie at

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