NYC’s Holiday Window Displays

34th Street Herald Square
Macy’s is showcasing two separate holiday displays this year. The first is inspired by the classic holiday film, “Miracle on 34th Street “, showing scenes from the movie acted out by little figures.

The second is a display based on “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”, the famous 1897 letter to the New York Sun by 8-year old Virginia O’ Hanlon’s. This display is almost entirely made out of bright-colored paper. It’s actually pretty amazing and quite possible the best kids display in town.

Fifth Avenue at 49th Street
Saks 5th Avenue is using a “Snowflakes and Bubbles” holiday themed display this year. They also adorn the traditional and beautiful snowflakes that light up and twinkle down on the Fifth Avenue storefront. Saks Fifth Avenue’s is located directly across from Rockefeller Center.

58th St. and Lexington Ave.
Bloomingdale’s went hi-tech this season. Its window display consists of an extremely large mosaic of about LED screens depicting snow covered evergreen forests and mountains with a single cardinal flying over them. The scenes play on 100 different-size screens on the Lexington Ave. side of the store, creating a huge mosaic visible from across the street.

424 Fifth Ave.
Lord and Taylor had a great campaign this year by depicting holiday memories of New Yorkers submitted via email and Facebook. The windows have mechanical doll-sized families acting out the styles and memories of the past century of Christmases. The names of the customers behind each story, along with their letters, are displayed at the foot of each window.

754 5th Avenue
Honestly one of the best displays in the city. The theme this season is traveling and discovery which includes a winged horse and flying carriage, as well as a silver space ship, listing boat, and scarlet train. There’s an astronomy-themed section with a female Isaac Newton, engravings of the solar system and zodiac creatures sculpted out of shredded paper. Further along, Agatha Christie dames travel down 5th Avenue on horses, giraffes, and railroad coaches, trailing long retinues of leather trunks before yellowed maps of the earth and heavens.

660 Madison Avenue
It’s a “foodie holiday” with Barney’s this year. A display captures Food Network chefs and food idols to tap into the holiday association with feasts and gluttony. One window shows celebrity chefs engaged in a food fight then there’s Mario Batali’s head with an apple in his mouth.

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