Best Sledding in NYC

It’s the NYC Blizzard of 2010! What better way to enjoy the snow then to get your gear on and head out to the hills. Here are some of the best places in NYC to go sledding!


Central Park
Central Park is amazing anytime of the year but when snow falls it’s a great place to hit the hills. Head to Pilgrim Hill located at the 72nd and Fifth Avenue entrance for one of the parks best hills. It gets pretty crowded so an alternative would be to walk over to Cedar Hill between 76th and 79th Streets. Not as steep, but fun none the less.

Inwood Hill Park

This park is one of the best places for sledding. Located at Dyckman Street at the Hudson River it’s a bit of a hike but the grounds are great for both sledding and snowman making!

Riverside Park
There’s a great hill (and most popularly known) over by the Hippo playground for all you thrill seeking folks. For beginners, hit the gentler slopes near 92nd and 103rd Streets at Riverside Dr.


Prospect Park
Full of toddlers and little ones, this park is a great place for family sledding. Head to the 9th Street and Prospect Park West entrance to start and then make your way over to the rolling stretch of the Nethermead, a great field for snowball fighting, snow angels and snowman extravaganzas!

Fort Greene Park
With a large range of hills going from beginner to, well, painful, this park. You’ll see lots of folks sledding down the massive staircase but I suggest you stay clear of that so you don’t end up with any broken bones! Located at DeKalb Ave.


Forest Park
This isn’t an official sledding area because it’s not technically allowed by the parks department to have sledding but it’s well known for “Suicide Hill”, an icy, extremely steep hill. Located at Forest Park Dr and 79th St.

Crocheron Park
Located in Bayside, this park is small and quiet and doesn’t usually have a large crown. If you’re into sledding quietly, this might be the place. Located 35th Ave between Cross Island Pkwy and 215th St


Ewen Park
What’s the worst park about sledding? Walking back up the hill! This park has a convenient staircase that runs along the best hill in the park. Can you say bonus?! Located at Riverdale Ave at 231st St

Did I forget any?  Where is your favorite place to go sledding?

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