The Bartender’s Blog: Drambuie Nail or Fail at Antartica

Come see Brie at Vander Bar!

Many of you know our bartender Tristan, from mad46 and Brie, from Vander Bar, as the friendly faces behind the bar that mix you up a cool cocktail and recommend a tasty bite to go along with it.

You probably did not know that both Tristan and Brie are two of New York City’s top bartenders and were both invited to participate in the 2010 Drambuie Nail or Fail Contest!

The contest was created to develop a new cocktail for Drambuie, while basing it on their famous Rusty Nail. The bartenders gathered at Antarctica on Houston Street and served up complimentary cocktails courtesy of Drambuie all night, while perfecting their signature drink. Once the contest began, guests of the competition were able to sample each cocktail and drop an actual Nail into the bucket of the bartender who made their taste buds tingle. The bucket with the most Nails claimed top prize. Our very own Tristan Prescott got Third place out of all the competitors.

Enjoy some photos from the event and come visit  our very own Tristan and Brie!

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Kate Girotti
Director of Promotions

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