Teddy’s Haute Dog


‘Tis the season for festivities, which, for many of us, includes consuming seemingly bottomless libations, succulent sweets and other pallet pleasing pleasantries while celebrating the holiday season in style. This season, The Roosevelt Hotel’s newest outlet, Vander Bar, would like to introduce a stylish new Kobe Beef Haute Dog dressed to impress with Foie Gras shavings and balsamic onions and accessorized with black truffle fries and caviar aioli.  This $50.00 Haute Dog, a delectable delight sure to tantalize taste buds all over town. Not only does this haute dog look good and taste good, but it does good too!

Beginning December 1st, for every Haute Dog purchased, 10% off the proceeds will go to City Harvest here in New York City, in an effort to help the fight against hunger here in our own back yard.

Stop by Vander Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel beginning December 1st and try our new $50.00 Haute Dog because good taste and good deeds, are always in season.

Teddy’s Haute Dog
Kobe beef hot dog with foie gras shavings and balsamic onions.
Served with Black truffle fries and caviar aioli

For more information on the mission of City Harvest, check out this video and follow them on Twitter @CityHarvest.


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