Congratulations Kelli!


On behalf of myself and Roosevelt Hotel’s Sales & Marketing Team, I would like to send out a sincere “thank you” to our E-Commerce Manager Kelli Crean. Kelli will be greatly missed these next few months by our staff and hotel followers alike while she is away on maternity leave.

Kelli has proven herself a valuable member of the Roosevelt team, as she has done and continues to do tremendous work with all of our social networking and E-commerce ventures. The social community Kelli has helped to create around the hotel and hotel outlets is an unmatchable achievement. Her work in conceptualizing was recognized by Interstate Hotels as a company “Best Practice”, and her large band of online followers proves that large organizations can have a relationship with their customers.

Kelli’s dedication to her work can be easily seen by the network she has created around the hotel. While Kelli is a highly-valued manager here, her success in work actually pales in comparison to how highly thought of she is as a person and how much our Roosevelt family cares for her.

Kelli, congratulations to you and your family on your new addition! We will miss you these next few months and look forward to your return in September!

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Kevin Croke
Director of Sales & Marketing

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