Under 100 Calorie Cocktails for National Fitness Month


This month is National Fitness and Health Month and we are celebrating at The Roosevelt Hotel New York!  Join us at Vander Bar, mad46 or our Madison Club Lounge and enjoy one of our delicious “Figure Friendly” cocktails.

We have also partnered with Equinox which means that if have a current membership with them, just flash your card to your bartender or waitress and get 10% off your final bill all month! While you’re here, enter to win a FREE month membership to Equinox  or a Beach Bag from Bacardi USA.

Skip out the gym a few minutes early and sip on a delicious (low calorie) cocktail.  Take this month to pat yourself on the back!


Bacardi & Diet
Bacardi Rum topped with Diet Coke

Summer Splash
Any Grey Goose Flavor topped with soda water

Ultimate Bikini
Goose Citron, Tyku, a squeeze of lime and a splash of soda

Strawberry Sweetie
Goose vodka, sliced strawberries, fresh lemon juice with a little Splenda

Girlish Figure
Bacardi Flavored Rum, Cranberry juice and a splash of soda


Cointreau, cranberry juice, and lemon

White Lady
Cointreau, Bombay Sapphire Gin and lemon juice

Original Margarita
Cointreau, Tequila and lime juice

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3 thoughts on “Under 100 Calorie Cocktails for National Fitness Month”

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  2. Love all of these, thanks so much. To spread the wealth, one of my favorite cocktails in my new diet has been the Asian Mojito by TY KU. It’s so easy, just add 2 oz TY KU Sake, Fresh Mint, and a Squeeze of Lemon/Lime/Orange. Ready to enjoy in about a minute and under 100 calories 🙂

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