Love and Marriage at The Roosevelt Hotel circa 1955


PHOTO: Ruth and Herbert at The Roosevelt Hotel New York in 1955.

In the summer of 1955, love found its way to The Roosevelt Hotel New York. Married in our Terrace Ballroom in July of 1955, Ruth and Herbert made memories in the celebration of their love and unity by taking the leap into marriage.

It wasnt until their 45th wedding anniversary in July of 2000 that Ruth and Herbert made their way back to The Roosevelt Hotel and we were beyond happy to have them back with us!  It was just for a weekend getaway, but this happy couple rekindled in the Big Apple and even got to see a Broadway show!

They came back to us for the big 50th anniversary and we are now looking forward to having Ruth and Herbert stay with us once again for their 55th anniversary! 

Congratulations Rith and Herbert on your upcoming anniversary!  We are proud to consider you part of The Roosevet Hotel family!

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