Flowers & Your Wedding


Considering all of these, to find out the best arrangements for your big day, my suggestion is when visiting your florist take a picture of your wedding gown, swatch of the bridesmaids, color of the groom’s tuxedo, location of the wedding and all your favorite pictures that you tore from magazines…this will give them an idea of what’s going on in your head.

Also consider this; your color theme should compliment and not contrast against each other. Also make sure to use season as a good indication of the theme of your colors and types of the flowers you choose. Although overall I believe that flowers are beautiful and no matter where and when you use them they still are gorgeous but sometimes some choices do not make sense. Like Daisies are not for indoor wedding especially in the middle of winter.


Once you find out what your personal style is the rest is easy. Let’s start with flowers … my favorite subject. First there are so many beautiful and different kinds, shapes, colors and smells out there but first it’s very important to know what goes with your style first. Second such as, the season, the location & the mood of your wedding.


One thing that I love is the smell; I think that will set the tone. Smells are very memorable. I love the fact that every time I smell lily’s it remind me of one of my dear friend’s wedding.

At last remember, choose a flower that is a perfect match with you and who you are and don’t forget the embellishments, that a little bit of a bling or spot light on the flowers goes a long way.

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Ferinoosh Khosravi
Senior Catering Manager

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