What You’ve Been Waiting For..

Exclusives Rates!

We know, you’ve been waiting! For weeks we’ve been talking about exclusive offers that will be available ONLY to The Roosevelt Hotel Facebook and Twitter followers and that time is finally here. Starting this week, our friends and followers will get exclusive (and ridiculously amazing) rate offers on a weekly basis. The offers will vary from week to week and site to site, but they will always be announced on schedule so you know when to check in.

On “Sweet Tweet Tuesdays”, we will announce a rate especially for our Twitter folks and on “Fan-Friendly Friday”, to our Facebook fans.  That’s not to say that we won’t sneak in an offer here and there throughout the week, but these are the days that you can count on us being there for you!

We appreciate that you are a part of our community and this is just our way of saying thanks.

If you’re not already following us, be sure to find us on Twitter @RooseveltNYC and on the Roosevelt Facebook Fan page.

Happy booking everyone!

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Kelli Crean
Ecommerce Manager

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