Haiti Earthquake Relief: How You Can Help


Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. – Anonymous

You have probably already heard that a devastating earthquake hit Haiti yesterday, January 12, 2010. With reports of up to 3 million people affected by this natural disaster, it can be described as nothing else but a tragedy.

When I first heard the reports of the earthquake, I was walking the streets of NYC on my way home so I turned to one of my usual sources of mobile information, Twitter. I was truly overwhelmed by the flood of information being pasted through the site. Even when I got home and turned on the news they were discussing how social media is the leading source of information on the aftermath of this horrific event. CNN broadcasters were actually utilizing photos posted on both Facebook and Twitter for insight to the damage Haiti has experienced. It just goes to show you that we, as a community of people online, have a voice. A loud voice.

As I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but obsess over how I can help the poor people of Haiti.  Here I was waking up from my comfortable bed, making a fresh pot of coffee, cooking and serving my daughter her full balanced breakfast and then heading off to work in my warm, nice clothes and all the while, the people affected by this earthquake are sleeping in the streets trying to comprehend the devastation they have just lived through and how they are possibly going to get through the next few days, weeks, months and years to come.

Throughout the day, posts have been made through various networks on where and how you can help. You don’t have to leave your community to help.  Here is a compiled list of what you can do be a part of the recovery.

Use your voice online and in person to spread the word to others about what we can do to help. The more we know, the more we can do. With resources such as Twitter and Facebook, we are ablet o get up to date information about recovery efforts and what you can do to do your part.  Besides the news fees, so many of the recovery organizations are on Twitter and you can follow them on the links listed below.

Here is a list of charities to which you can make a donation. Follow them on Twitter for updates.

Operation USA
Partners in Health
Doctors Without Borders
Direct Relief International
American Red Cross (Twitter @RedCross)
UNICEF (Twitter @UnicefUSA )
Mercy Corps (Twitter @mercycorps )
Oxfam America (Twitter @oxfamamerica )
Save the Children (Twitter @savethechildren )

U.S. State Department: Text “HAITI” to “90999” and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill. (Twitter @whitehouse )

Yéle Haiti: Donate $5 by texting YELE to 501 501 right now please RT. From musician and Haiti native, Wyclef Jean (Twitter at @wyclef )

For more lists of charities, click here.

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Using Season Elements for Your Wedding: Winter

The Roosevelt Hotel

Growing up in Colorado, I am the biggest “Winter Wedding” fan. The holiday’s mood, clean and crisp air, sparkling snow, wood fires, etc are all my favorites. Although most of the people believe coming up with the theme for the wedding is always the hardest part, I believe the season will set the tone for the theme of your wedding. Putting first things first, besides only a few, most of the time we pick the season of our wedding based on our most favorite times of the year and memories. Some times we pick the season based on our own personal experiences. For example my skin looks much better, cleaner and fresher in winter, so that maybe one reason for me to pick the winter for my wedding…….

Using the season’s elements in all parts of your wedding from invitations, to décor, flowers, food, drinks, music, favors to your wedding gown……

Invitations: If you pick a colored invitation, then pick a very rich color, like Chocolate Brown, deep Rusty Green or deep Burgundy to set the tone. Decorating them with opposite colored robins or use elements of nature like piece of wood or pine cone in the design will help as well.

Decorations: If you go with winter white, use icy blue, metallic and platinum colors. Simpler the better and maybe for design use crystal snow flakes or white fur.
Amidst glowing candles or season’s elements like the crystallized twigs or even a small Christmas tree for the cocktail tables. I would definitly go with a few small arrangements and silver trays. I love the combination of Rustic greens mixed with brown. Crystals, white quartz stones with deep chocolate brownish candles and rusty green robins. The entire elements are there.

Atmosphere: Make sure you pick a location that has fire place….love them in the middle of the reception. Place a few lounge style couches and throws next to the fire place.

Food & Drink: Eggnog, Apple cider, Rich wood wine and cordials. Maybe a big pot of soup on the fireplace outside the reception area? Warm winter soups and winter salads, like ice lettuce with blue cheese crumbs are my favorite. Big chunks of meat….if possible have the meals cook in an outside area where guests can smell the wood firing and the meals. Remember Steaks and Veal Chop and Chicken filled with Berries and stuffing and a good warm Chocolate dessert.

Wedding Cake: Consider serving a winter-inspired side with your wedding cake. Match your wedding cake decoration and favor with a good winter wine or a winter drink. If you are serving tea or coffee, don’t forget the Cinnamon or Sugar Cane Sticks.  For cake décor, instead of white cake consider the winter colors. If you want to stick to the white cake consider robins and pinecones….more winter elements the better. If you use flowers, consider sugar glazed versions to make them look like a winter touched flowers instead of the normal look.

The Dress: A couture vintage lace dress or a fur (fakes are my favorites) short or long Audrey coats or a very nice white or pearl white cashmere shall will do and remember big sparkling vintage brooch for your shall or coat is a must.

Favors: I will send the guest home with something not only to remember your wedding but also the season of the wedding. For example, Swarovski snow flakes ornaments, or wood shaped candles…stuck of cinnamon tuck together with a deep purple velvet robin and a jar of good tea or homemade Jam……

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Ferinoosh Khosravi
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No Pants Subway Ride 2010

The No Pants! Subway Ride is annual event staged every January in New York City by  Improv Everywhere.  This year will be the 9th annual ride for participants who randomly hop on various subway lines and, well, drop their pants.  There’s no giggling, laughing or commenting on what’s actually going on to the innocent transit passenger.  Nope, these bare bottomed folks are to keep a straight face and do what they normally do on their commute. 

It’s all done in good humor and has become a popular event in the city.  Check out these videos from past No Pants! rides

So, are you willing to go drop your drawers?  This years event is this weekend on Sunday, January 10th at 3:00pm, but first you have to check out the rules and details here.

Only in New York!

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Nos Vamos de Hoteles

 Check us out on the Spanish TV show “Nos Vamos de Hoteles” (video)

Nos Vamos TV is a Spaniard television Channel which airs a weekly travel segment for Europeans about the ins and outs of hotels wordwide.

Some of the topics that are focused on are: where to book one’s hotel stay, places to eat, areas to shop, even which airlines they should consider when traveling. This year, Edgar Costa, Director of Nos Vamos TV selected to do his Christmas Special in New York City at The Roosevelt Hotel New York. This segment focus on the holidays in NYC and all it has to offer!

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American Museum of Natural History


One of the greatest museums in this city has to be the American Museum of Natural History. Being an NY native, I still remember taking multiple trips to the museum as I was growing up and even as I step through the doors today, I am just as fascinated by as though it was my first time.

Just off of Central Park West and part of the famed Museum Mile, the AMNH offers permanent exhibits like the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins which explores the evidence of human evolution or the The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, the home of the 94 foot blue whale model.

AMNH also hosts a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. One of my absolute favorites, The Butterfly Conservatory. It’s truly every little (and big) girls dream!

For the ladies, AMNH unveiled a display of 25 dazzling diamonds for public view this past September in the Museum’s Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems. Talk about Bling!

Need to get away? Take a Journey to the Stars in the Hayden Planetarium. Launch into space and experience the life and death of the stars in our night sky.

Whether you live here in the city or are just coming for a visit, touring the Museum of Natural History is a must. It’s a great experience for the whole family.  Just check out their kids section on their website.

Be sure to follow @atAMNH on Twitter for updates on exhibitions and event at the museum. 

If you are visiting the NYC this week, contact our concierge at nicole@@continentalguestservices.com for an exclusive deal!  Buy adult admission ticket to the Museum of Natural History and get a child admission FREE.  Only available through 1/13/10.

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