Monday Night Football with Sean Landeta

Sean Landeta

Hey Football Fans!  Come watch Monday Night’s game (Dec, 7th) with former football star and two-time champion Sean Landeta at The Madison Club Lounge.

Landeta will be here at 8:00pm and plans to stick around for the game.  Buy a beer and have a chat with the former New York Giants punter. 

Ever want to try on a genuine Superbowl ring?  Yep, you can do that too.

Check out these special promos at the bar.

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Kelli Crean
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You’re engaged! Now what?

Happy Engagement!

First of all take time and enjoy your moment. So many brides I know are ready to start looking for venues the day after they get engaged. My best advice?  Breathe, take it all in and enjoy being engaged!

When you’re ready, start by setting your budget. Think about what you want your wedding to be. An intimate gathering of close friends, a lavish affair, an eco-friendly event? This will help you come up with your budget numbers. Check out The Roosevelt Hotel’s Wedding Budget Planner to help you along.

Read up!  There are so many gorgeous wedding magazines out there, not to mention the tons of wedding blogs that are sure to bring you some inspiration. Finally pick up the wedding magazine you’ve been eyeing, surf the web and keep track of all the ideas you might like to incorporate into your wedding with a journal. If you’re on Twitter, be sure to get the latest trends in wedding planning by following our Wedding Team @EventsEtiquette

You should also go through your personal photo albums. Look at your pictures and use them as inspiration.

….Where were you in this picture that you looked so happy

….Look at all the places you have been, you may want to consider destination wedding??

….What was the season of this trip that made your skin flawless…

We all know that we’ve been through different kinds of haircuts and colors, but look and see which ones were more YOU and only natural you.

Start looking at your friends wedding pictures. You may get ideas of things you may or may not want do as well.

Lastly, window shopping is one of my favorites. Fabrics, Furniture, Dresses, Table Tops…all of these may use as a good source of inspiration.

Coming up next: Personalize your wedding, your way.

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Ferinoosh Khosravi
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