Lady Liberty


The Statue of Liberty has been a symbol of freedom and democracy since it was presented United States in 1886 by the people of France. Standing on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, it welcomes visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans traveling by ship (before we were jet set).

Since 9/11, Lady Liberty has been closed to the public due to security concerns, but beginning this July 4th, you will be able to hike up the 168 steps leading to the crown and its 25 windows. There is a restriction of only 10 people maximum, that will be able to occupy the crown at any time, allowing for 30 visitors an hour. The visitors that get to visit the 265-foot-high crown will be chosen by a lottery.

For the first time in nearly eight years we are able have one of the most awesome experiences in the world. Get up there while you can because in about two years, the statue is planned to be closed again for renovation.

Click HERE for a quick video by the Daily News’ Michael Daly that takes a tour of Lady Liberty’s crown.

Insider Tip:  The interior of the Statue of Liberty is typically 20 degrees hotter that outdoors (they shut down once it hits 90 degrees outside) and in high winds, the crown can sway up to 5 inches!!!

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