For the Love of Baseball


Baseball season is in full swing and in celebration of the new CitiField and Yankee Stadium, The Roosevelt Hotel New York is offering a For Love of the Game experience.

Starting at a rate of $215, now through the end of baseball season, The Roosevelt Hotel will provide you with everything you need for the ultimate all-American baseball weekend. All the bases are covered from an exclusive pre-game tour of the stadium to an NYC food tour.

Here’s the deal…prior to arriving, you will receive ticket advice to make sure that you get the best tickets available within your price range for which ever game you prefer. Once that is set and you’re on your way, you will check into The Roosevelt Hotel, where you will find your baseball (for signing!) and a three day Metro Card. Then, you’ll meet up for the Food For Fans Tour and venture through the city for a real taste of New York. How? By subway of course, like any other New Yorker!

Next up, all of you baseball enthusiasts will journey to a pre-game tour of CitiField or Yankee Stadium to get a behind the scenes look from tour professionals who will guide you through New York baseball and the stadium’s history.

Not bad, right? This is the year to come to the Big Apple and experience these new stadiums. I have been to Citifield (yes, I am a Mets fan!) and the stadium is really amazing. I won’t divulge too much, you have to come and see it for yourself. Whether a Yankee fan, a Mets fan or just a baseball fan, this is a great experience.

For more information about this package or to book the “For the Love Of The Game” special, click HERE.

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